Ciphernote 1.0.2723 Beta for Windows

by Oliver Weichhold

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Ciphernote was born out of personal frustration with one aspect of existing cloud-based note taking applications: Privacy. While there's a multitude of solutions that offer decent note-taking features combined with cloud-synchronization accross devices, none of these existing solutions provide the security and peace of mind offered by zero-knowledge client-side encryption. In light of the the recently announced - and quickly reverted - Evernote Privacy Policy changes and the rampant privacy violations of governments and state-sponsored actors accross the globe, I believe there's a need for a personal journaling application that makes security and privacy protection its number one priority. I'm using the app myself but I consider it to be useful to anyone who needs assurance that his thoughts and ideas are protected from the prying eyes of third parties, of which journalists and whistleblowers are just two examples.

Some key advantages: All data (file and file meta data) is encrypted client-side and remains encrypted in transit and at rest. Most importantly: the encryption keys used to encrypt and decrypt your data are only accessible client-side (by you). We cannot access your keys. Your password is never stored, and only known client-side (by you).

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