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2 Best College Application Essays - Short Examples

What exceptional college application essays have in common? In several ways, all college application essays are different from one another. They are different because every student has a different story and life experiences to write about. But still, they share some common traits where the major ones are;

? Visible signs of planning
? Building out from a concentrated focus
? Knowing the approach of telling a story
? A stellar execution

Hence, this is why professional writers in essay writing service always suggest students to check out different college application essay examples before writing your own. This enables you to create a masterpiece when writing your essay.

The following are the best college application essays; you can follow when writing yours.

Essay 1

The most important experience of my life sought me out. I did not cause it but it has happened to me.

My most favorite companions are books, papers, and personal research. I comparatively have a smaller circle of friends. I easily find myself having weaknesses in this aspect because I do not see myself as an extrovert person. After the farewell party at the ABC School this past summer, a girl tried to approach me when I was leaving. She came to my room and wanted to discuss with me about myself and wanted to know about my response and opinion.

She was surprised when she learned about my response and opinion on ‘write my paper’ tasks. She was surprised because my answer was NO. But she still did not get disappointed and tried her best to achieve what she aims to achieve.

After she did everything she could. I said that I lied to you. You can find me have an interest in this relationship. I was afraid of what would happen next. But I decided to take a chance instead of being afraid. She also told me that I know that you lied to me. She told me so because I just made her realize it. But I am still not sure that what I say is true or lies.

So till today, I consider everything I say as true but I am not sure at all.

That night, I learned that a statement has a huge impact. I also learned that the most important thing in life is feeling, care, and a good decision. But keeping the decision once is more crucial. Moreover, that case also taught that fear does not win at all times. But we should take chances, grow, and make changes in our life. As well as we should change others' lives too.

Hence, I am going to become a part of ABC College to take chances without the help from a paper writing service, grow myself, make changes in life, and make a difference by changing the world. While making a difference is the ultimate goal I ever set to achieve in my life.

Essay 2

ABC College and I have some visions. I want ABC College to explore the limits by exceeding expectations. I got admitted for more than the reason for learning Business Management. I prefer to live with different people belonging to different cultures. I also wanted to work with people who share the same mindset. While I found such people there. I consider it a blessing.

I know that earning value and respect is a tough task to complete. But I am also sure that it needs new people and a new environment to set some standards. A new environment is also needed because it helps to create a respectful environment for the values and standards we set. Starting my journey in the Business Management field will help me explore how to plan and manage. This is what I imagine to implement in a new environment.

I imagine it because of a new environment and new people should be managed properly. Otherwise, no objective can be achieved. This emphasis on diversity could also be found in other departments than the Business Management Department. ABC College is also becoming a well-known college in developing a niche environment for students. While this creates the finest learning environment for students including me. And learning new things should be a goal of students even all over life.

At the Business Management Department, I will be able to write essay for me. At a college where collaboration, research, and education are intermixed, I could continue to follow this path towards learning new things and managing people. And this is what I want to achieve in my life as well as in my career. In short, I feel that my studies and time at ABC College will make my potential limitless.

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