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Reviewed Total Commander (Combined Installer) 10.50

It's alright but I'll stick with Directory Opus. TC needs a real GUI overhaul! Read full review

Reviewed JRiver Media Center for Windows 32.0.6

Bloated and buggy. Does everything and nothing. Ethics of the company also come into question. Read full review

Reviewed Autoruns 14.09

Nothing touches autoruns! A must have piece of software! Read full review

Reviewed Black Hole Organizer 3.30

Was a marginally decent piece of software when it was supported. You'll never get a response from the author. Note: Does not run on Windows 7. Read full review

Reviewed Easy Photo Uploader for Facebook

Sure, why not plug in to the biggest snooping server in the world. Read full review

Reviewed Process Explorer 17.04

Does the job. I'm able to run it along with Task Manager to make sure one or the other isn't lying. So far, they've both been honest with each other. I'm thinking of running System Explorer with the other two, to make sure all three of them... Read full review


Over rated and buggy. Browser plugins make it really bite the big one! IE9 is king! Read full review

Reviewed PowerArchiver 2022 for Windows 21.00.18

It has become too bloated! I'm waiting for it to become a file share program in the end. Read full review

Reviewed Ad Muncher 4.94.34121

The Cow has been on all of my computers since Ad Muncher's release. Never hangs or crashes. My latest install has been on Windows 7 64bit and the cow keeps chomp'n away. I can now surf with a smirk. Read full review

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