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Reviewed PDFCreator 4.2.0

Careful during the install if you don't want the toolbars! Otherwise this is one of the finest PDF creation tools out there, and it's free; I'm not sure how anyone can justify anything less than 5 stars. Read full review


I've just been checking this out. Firefox has been my no 1 for some time now, but I've just checked out the latest offerings from Opera and MS. It has to be said that this is extremely fine, nice uncluttered interface, very fast, well thought... Read full review

Reviewed Inkscape for Windows 1.1

This is getting quite unbelievably good. It doesn't quite have the polish of Illustrator but the actual functionality and the way it's designed is in many ways better IMHO. AND it runs in any of the major operating systems. AND it's free!

A... Read full review

Reviewed Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Hmm, this is the flakiest version of Ubuntu I've ever used, it shows all the signs of having being rushed out before it was ready. It didn't work with my CD-ROM drive so I had to swap with another computer to get the live CD to work, then the... Read full review

Reviewed PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.322.10

The rendering engine isn't as good as Adobe's but other than that this is very useful indeed, the raster export quality is especially impressive. Read full review

Reviewed OpenOffice for Windows 4.1.15

It's still a wee bit slow to start in Windows, but that's the only bad thing I can say about it. With a simple add-on it even edits PDFs now, in addition to creating them. There's no two ways about it, this is awesome. Calc still lags a little way... Read full review

Reviewed Inkscape for Windows 1.1

Exceptional. Read full review

Reviewed KeePass Password Safe Classic Edition 1.42

A top piece of software, deeply impressive. Easy to use, very secure, a comprehensive range of security features, portable too...

So yep, a real winner. Means you can use very strong passwords (which the app can generate for you ) without... Read full review

Reviewed Eraser

Still hangs when I try to activate the context menu... Read full review

Reviewed Scribus for Windows 1.6.1

Yep, that's got it!

Absolutely marvelous, I'll use this version in XP until the stable version for Linux is available. Thanks and congratulations to all the developers, this is out of the top drawer. Read full review

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