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Reviewed XYplorer 23.00.0300

Really nice, I'm torn between 4 and 5 stars. The reason is that there are compatibility issues with drag/drop and 32/64 bit applications. Read full review

Reviewed Tixati 2.81

Downloads at maximum connection speed and has never crashed in a year of use.

Custom and self-updating blocklists are also a big selling point.

Interface is customizable and even recolorable. Read full review

Reviewed Network Scanner by LizardSystems 3.5.0

Works great and is free, just register for license Read full review

Reviewed Honeyview 5.41

Wow! looking much better than last time I tested. Soon will go head to head with Irfanview. Bandisoft is doing a great job with all their stuff. Read full review

Reviewed True Launch Bar 8.0

Great launcher, used to pirate it when I was a kid and now I bought it.

I use it to have multiple quicklaunch-like toolbars, which are synced across multiple computers, by the use of megasync (used to do dropbox in the past).

All my... Read full review

Reviewed Zoner Photo Studio X 19.2009.2.277

I own version 16, I bought it to improve my workflow for photos. It is very useful. I also own Adobe Photoshop CS 5.5 and find Zoner outperforms it in many regards. Read full review

Reviewed Tixati 2.81

Configurable UI with different color schemes and settings (guy below, who gave two stars on this fact, did not explore "options"). Auto updating block lists. No spyware/adware/crap. 64 bit version. Manual peer sorting, rejecting, choking, and... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox (Beta) 104.0 Beta 7

Great browser, has some issues but strengths outweigh the weaknesses by far. Read full review

Reviewed XYplorer 23.00.0300

Most customizable file manager that's constantly updated with useful features!

PS: aaverian works for mycommander, lol. Read full review

Reviewed ATI Tray Tools Beta

This program hasn't been updated since 2011 and does not work with newer cards.

That said, it was great, in 2011. Not sure why you decided to post it in 2014 when it hasn't worked for some years. Read full review

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