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Reviewed PerfectDisk Professional 14.0.894

Leave this product alone. You can not stop the auto-update process.
You are not in control anymore. From now on Perfectdisk will decide for you.
How good software can turn into bad. Pity, Pity. Read full review

Reviewed jv16 PowerTools

A new release with a number of bug fixes. Despite several bug fixes 'clean and fix my computer' gave a freeze on my pc.
The registry compact bug is still there and is causing troubles.
This release is a nice try, but still shame on Macecraft... Read full review

Reviewed jv16 PowerTools

Well, the final release is there, the bugs also.
Shame on Macecraft. users of the 2010 are left alone with very annoying bugs (undelete, sorting, registry cleaning bugs).
When paying for the upgrade, you are paying for new bugs.
One big... Read full review

Reviewed jv16 PowerTools

If you do not like black flickering screens, do not install this version...
This version has still a cleaner bug. The wipe tool also does not functioning yet.
The support is good, however why pay for serious bugs? BTW When installing
a trial... Read full review

Reviewed jv16 PowerTools

The new list of bug fixes of version 981 is impressive, however shame on Macecraft. Why? When opening and closing screens you first get a 'black screen' and some seconds later the real content. Macecraft knows about this (driver) conflict. I... Read full review

Reviewed jv16 PowerTools

I was hopeful as many bugs were fixed in the latest release version 2.0.0 970.
What a big disappointement. I used the Registry Information tool and got right away an access violation.
To be honest, I always enjoyed Powertools from Macecraft. I... Read full review

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