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Four more strokes in her **** and I shifted north, sliding through her rubbery defense, slamming into her the full length of my c***. I held still, letting her grow accustomed to the new invasion, while rubbing and stroking the red flesh of her bum. She groaned and whimpered, the flesh inflamed to my touch. I gave it about a minute, then stroked in and out. She climaxed almost immediately upon my ****ing. I continued pinching and squeezing her reddened buttocks, reminding her of the just concluded spanking. It took twice as long to cum this time as it took to cum in Lisa earlier. The pained whimpers at the start turning to pleasurable moans as we continued. When I felt my orgasm was on the way, I grabbed her shoulders and launched myself so deep my balls felt like they were trying to enter her rectum with my c***, and released. Julia climaxed with me. When I pulled out, her sphincter slowly started returning to normal, but not before a few drops of my cum squeezed out and rolled over her taint. I released her legs.sex cam"Get something to clean my c***. I'll want to **** your **** later.""Yes, sir."She went to the bathroom and got a wet washcloth, returning to clean my shrunken organ.In the intervening time, the redness of my spanking proceeded to fade. Her cane stripes still marked her."I want to put your largest butt plug in your ass," I said."Janet has my plugs, sir. I haven't retrieved them.""Go to Mistress Dark's bedroom and request to purchase another one. Choose the next largest size up from your current largest.""Yes, Master."It took fifteen minutes but she returned with a stainless steel plug, larger than any we'd previously owned. I had her bend over the bed again, and after wetting the plug in her p****, pushed it into her bottom. She grunted through the wide part."I'm sorry, Master," Julia said as we got into bed."I know you are, slave. I want you to start sucking my c*** and I'll **** you when hard enough. Afterward, I want you to put your Slave Trainer in, and I'll turn it on. You don't have swap it out when the battery dies, but you're not to remove it until tomorrow morning when I go to work, at which time you may lick it clean and put it back on the charger. The butt plug will stay in all day except when you use the toilet.""Yes, sir."Julia started sucking my prick and it took her ten minutes of her best efforts before I was hard enough to push into her saturated ****. The large plug in her a** made for a nice tight fit. She mounted me and I was able to **** her for nearly twenty minutes before cumming. Christ, I was going to sleep like a baby tonight. Julia climaxed several more times. She cleaned me off again to end our day, then got up and put her Slave Trainer in, cuddling in my arms afterward. The first few hours, I felt her stirring beside me as the Trainer went off, aroused her close to cumming, then shut itself off. The battery finally died and the rest of my sleep was undisturbed.******JULIAThe next morning, after sucking Master's balls dry and seeing him off to work with a hearty breakfast, I removed my Slave Trainer, cleaned it with my tongue first, then washed it and placed it on the charger. While Lisa, Lucia, Janet and Reneé went to the garage to work, I called our insurance company to report the damage to our house. I said I would submit pictures if they provided me with a claim number and e-mail to the claims agent. We were in the process of obtaining a police report which would also follow."The claims agent will probably need to inspect the house," the clerk who was helping me said. "When can they meet you?""I don't know. They still haven't captured the person who did the crime. We're not allowed to go back to the house without a police escort.""They haven't caught him?""No, ma'am. He's in the wind at the moment.""Would our agent be in danger?""It's possible, although most of his anger seems directed at us and not other people. The agent is probably safer going alone than with one of us. You can have him call Detective Riley for help in deciding if he should check it now." I gave her the number. "We can provide the Detective with a key and access code to the security box if he thinks it's safe for the agent to go.""That's horrible. You have my sympathy. Is there anything else we can do for you?""No, ma'am. We've got a safe place to stay for the moment."I then called Detective Riley's number and left a message that our insurance claim agent may need to inspect our property and if he thought it was safe, we'd give Riley a key and the security code so an officer could let him in. I then joined my fellow slaves in the garage.Around ten, Detective Riley called me back and said he couldn't come get the key himself, but he'd send a uniformed officer out to pick up the key. He should be here in forty minutes or so. I told the others we had a uniformed police officer coming shortly for a key and it would be best if they dressed for the occasion. Grumpily, everyone put on clothes to cover our nudity. I also told Mistress Dark we were expecting an officer to come so she could dress her slaves if necessary, or I'd answer the door if they wanted to remain in her dungeon when he arrived.She said they'd remain in the dungeon and I could answer the door. I went back to the garage to wait for him to show up. About a half hour later, I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out the garage door window and saw a squad car sitting in the driveway."That's the police officer for the key. I'll give him what he needs."Grabbing my key from my purse, I made my way to the front door. I peeked outside and the officer was looking around, facing the street. I opened the door."Hello, officer," I said.He turned around and it was Jack and he was holding a gun."Slowly, back up, or I'll shoot you in the stomach and kill your ****ing kid."****! Where the hell did he get a uniform and a squad car? I slowly did exactly as he said. My heart was beating wildly."Now, turn around, face away from me. Put your hands behind your back."I turned, doing what he said. I felt a pair of handcuffs go around my wrists.He grabbed hold of me around my chest, squeezing one of my breasts, while his other hand pointed the gun at the new life growing inside me."How many people are in the house?"Six in the dungeon. Four in the garage. "Ten.""Where's my wife?""You divorced her, Jack. She's not your wife anymore.""She's my wife until I say she isn't. Where the **** is she? Or do you want me to put a bullet right here and kill your child?" He prodded my belly with the gun.He was ****ing crazy. "She's in the garage, working on some furniture.""How many in the garage with her?""Three other people.""Where are the other six?" He poked my pregnant stomach again."A room in the back of the house," I said."Let's start with them so I don't have any surprises sneaking up on me from behind."He told me to lead him to where they were. I led him to the dungeon and he crowded close behind me as he told me to open the door. Opening the door, Mistress Dark was seated in her favorite chair with the guy slave undergoing more p**** licking training. She had on a bustier. Everyone else was buck naked. Rose and Slut were fastening the other two slaves in training to St. Andrew's crosses, facing outward. Mistress Dark looked up, saw me with a police officer standing behind me with a gun pointed at them. She told the guy to stop licking her and remain still, for everyone to remain calm."I assume you're Jack, Lisa's ex-husband," she said."Nailed it first guess," Jack said. "Nobody tries anything, nobody gets hurt. I'm here for Lisa and to **** this woman again. Give Scott a taste of his own medicine since he's been ****ing my wife. You two, keep fastening those women up."Slut and Rose continued fastening the two female slaves."Now this pathetic disgrace of a man." Jack pointed to the male. "String him up."Rose and Slut collected him and hung him from one of the suspensions on the ceiling. "What the **** is all this s***?" Jack asked. "What kind of ****ing perverts are you?""I'm a dominatrix, and I train submissives for other dominants," Mistress Dark said. "These are the tools of my trade.""Yeah? Well as far as I'm concerned, you're all a bunch of sicko's and I'm doing my wife a favor by taking her away from all this s***.""Now you," he pointed at Rose, "string that other b**** up."Rose fastened Slut up, suspending her from another ceiling suspension point. He pointed the gun at Mistress Dark. "Now you can do the same with the other one."Mistress Dark stood and hooked Rose up. It was so easy. They were all slaves. They all had slave cuffs on. It hadn't taken more than a few minutes to confine them all.Jack prodded my belly again. "Now you. Tie her up. I gut shoot you if you don't do it right." He released my handcuffs, pushing me towards Mistress Dark."She doesn't have slave cuffs on. She won't be as easy to secure," I replied.He looked around. "Put her in the stocks," he said. "She won't get out of that."Jack was right, of course. Even when whipped or paddled, one did not escape from stocks. He pushed me forward and I led Mistress Dark to the stocks and put her hands and head in the pillory and fastened her in."I'm sorry we've led this danger to your house," I said as I locked it down."Me, too," she said. "It doesn't seem as if he's interested in us. Be careful. Don't endanger your baby.""I will."I slowly moved back to Jack with my hands raised."I'd like to give this b**** a taste of her own medicine," Jack said. He pointed to a butt plug and a large dildo. "Why don't you shove these into that wh***'s a** and ****.""I though you were only interested in Lisa and I," I said."She's emasculating that ****ing guy," Jack responded, pointing to the male slave with a c*** cage on his equipment. "She can have a ****ing dose of her own s***."It was a large plug, nearly as large as the one Master was making me wear. I looked for some lube."What the **** are you doing? Put that s*** into her.""I'm looking for lubricant," I explained."Forget lubricant. Just shove into her a** and ****."Approaching Mistress Dark, I apologized again."Do what he says," she said. "I've worn them before."At least her **** was wet. She'd cum as the slaves had pleasured her before. I moistened the plug in her p**** before pushing it into her ass. She didn't even grunt, not wanting to give Jack the satisfaction. Nor did she protest when I pushed the big dildo into her ****."Come here, turn your back to me again," Jack said.Once again, he placed the cuffs on me. He pushed me in front of him. "Lead me to the garage."As I was closing the door to the dungeon, we both heard the garage door cycling."What the ****!" Jack said, pushing me faster.He crowded behind me using me as a shield when we went through the door. The outer garage door was open and only Lucia was in the room, sitting Indian style on the floor, sanding a board."Where are the others?" Jack demanded. "Where's my wife?""No hablo inglés," Lucia said.Lucia spoke English as well as I did. What was she doing?"Why the **** can't you damn immigrants learn to speak English, you ****ing spic!" Jack shouted."No hablo inglés," Lucia said, calmly sanding the wood in her lap."Where are the others?" He shouted, as if volume would make him understood."No hablo inglés," Lucia replied. "No sé lo qué estás diciendo.""It's obvious they left," I said, pointing to the open garage door. "Lisa's gone and so are the others. She didn't go because she didn't know what's happening.""Do you speak Mexican?" Jack demanded."Very little, but she's not Mexican.""She still speaks spic. Ask her what happened; why everyone else left?""¿Qué ha pasado?" I asked."Teléfono." Lucia pointed at the telephone sitting on the hood of the car. My phone."Something on the phone," I said."Go get it," Jack said."I'll need my cuffs removed," I replied."No you don't. Pick it up with your hands behind your back." He pushed me towards the hood of the car. He kept his gun trained about halfway between me and Lucia.Moving to the hood of the car, I moved my hands around on the hood, trying to grasp the phone. I succeeded in knocking it down on the ground. Jack looked towards me and the phone, disgusted, though he kept his gun trained between us. As soon as he did, Lucia pulled the gun from between her legs and shot him four times. Right through the Twinkie. She didn't even aim. He didn't even squeeze the trigger, dead before he knew it. The four gunshots loud in the confines of the garage even with the door opened."Where are the others?" Lucia asked."Tied up in the dungeon," I said, my ears still ringing."Are they hurt? Do they need an ambulance?""No, they're unharmed," I replied.She calmly got the handcuff keys off Jack's body and unlocked my cuffs."Release them and tell them to get dressed. Police are on the way."Luca pushed the gun out of Jack's hand and kicked it towards the open door of the garage."Don't touch anything you don't have to. This is now a crime scene."She handed me my phone and told me I could call Lisa and tell them to come back once the others were released."What happened?" I asked."First things first. Release the others, call Lisa. You might want to call Scott too; let him know what happened. I'll have to explain it all to the police anyway. You can listen then."Doing what Lucia said, I hurried back to the dungeon."We heard shots," Mistress Dark said. "Is everyone okay?""Jack isn't. Lucia shot him. Where are the keys to the pillory? Police are on the way. You need to get dressed.""Release Rose, she knows where they are."I quickly released Rose, and as she got the keys to unlock the stocks, I removed the butt plug and dildo from Mistress Dark's body. Rose released her and the three of us quickly released the others. The slaves scurried away to dress. Mistress Dark put on the rest of her outfit, which was lying beside her chair. As soon as they were all released, I called Lisa and told her it was safe for everyone to come back, Jack was dead. Then I called Master."What do you want, slave?" Master asked."Jack found Mistress Dark's house. He came here dressed as a policeman in a squad car. Lucia shot him and he's dead. You may want to come here. Police are on their way.""Is everyone okay? Was anyone hurt?" Master asked, panicked."Everyone is fine. No one harmed except Jack."I could hear his sigh of relief over the phone. "I'll be there as soon as I can.""Let Jerry know Reneé and the others are okay. Lucia sent them away before she shot Jack. I still don't know what happened. I need to go; I hear sirens outside.""I'll tell him. He'll probably come with me. I'll let Chen know, too.""Thank you, Master." I hung up and went back to the garage.Lucia was standing with her hands up. Master's gun had been placed on the floor. Several officer's had their guns trained on her. Half swiveled their guns towards me when I came through the garage door. I stuck my hands up too, to show them they were empty except for my phone. Lisa, Reneé and Janet had handcuffs on their wrists and were standing by the police cars with an armed officer watching them. I suppose I shouldn't blame them for feeling touchy. The dead person was wearing a police uniform."The bad guy is dead," I said, indicating the body on the floor. "The woman you have your guns on saved my life, and possibly the lives of everyone else in the house. Call Detective Riley and he'll confirm. The dead guy is Jack McManus, not a police officer, who's wanted for a number of crimes including the rape of me and my friend, his ex-wife, Lisa, who you have handcuffed with those two other women.""Detective Riley is on his way. He can sort it out when he gets here. We're just concerned for officer safety. Is there anyone else in the house and are they armed?" The speaker was in charge. I recognized the sergeant stripes on his arm, similar to Rhonda's."There are six others, sergeant, unarmed as far as I know as the threat is ended. I don't even know if they have guns in the house, five females, one male. They didn't have clothes on when Jack came here. They're getting dressed.""Could you step over here, let us search you, then ask the others to come out?""Whatever you need," I said.I slowly moved towards them and a female officer searched me. She felt the object between my a** cheeks. "What's this?" She asked."A butt plug," I replied.collection of best pornShe risked a quick glance under my skirt, confirming it was indeed what I said it was, then dropped the skirt."No weapons," she said.Two officers were handcuffing Lucia, who remained perfectly compliant. "The gun at my feet is the one I used to shoot Jack," she said. "My fingerprints should be the only ones on the weapon and a paraffin test will show I'm the only one who fired the weapon. The other gun near the garage door is the one Jack was armed with. I don't know if it was his or the officer's whose clothes he was wearing. I haven't touched it. It should only have those fingerprints on it.""It looks like a police weapon. An officer was found tied up, gagged and missing his clothes, car and weapon. I suspect it's his."So now I knew how Jack got the uniform and squad car.I went to the door of the garage and yelled, "Police are here and they're concerned about officer safety. Could you please exit the house with your hands raised and without anything in your hands. Please come to the garage door.""We're coming," Mistress Dark said.I could see her coming towards me. I stepped back from the door and they all exited with their hands up as instructed."I would appreciate if you didn't cuff them, sergeant. This is their home. We're just guests here," I said."If they sit calmly out in the driveway, we shouldn't need to cuff them.""Thank you, officer," Mistress Dark said."Is there anyone else in the house?""No. You may search it if you like," MD replied.The sergeant sent three officers into the house to make sure it was empty.Mistress Dark led her group out onto the driveway and after they were each searched, they were allowed to sit down without handcuffs on. I was allowed to sit with them, and eventually, so were Lisa, Reneé and Janet after their cuffs were removed. Only Lucia still had cuffs on because she was the one who admitted to killing the dead guy. She wasn't panicked by it.The three officers returned to say the house was clear, then had a whispered conversation with the sergeant. I supposed they'd seen the dungeon, which I suspected, wasn't something they ran across often. He looked at Mistress Dark a little closer. I hope she didn't have any problems as a result."My husband, and possibly two of his friends are on the way over," I said. "They are concerned about their girlfriends who work for me. How long before Detective Riley gets here?"He made a call on the radio and he was told Riley was about five minutes away.The sergeant asked all of us, "Is anyone not here of their own free will?"Yes, definitely questions about the dungeon. We all answered we were here of our own free will."What's with all the bondage gear in the house?" He asked."I'm a dominatrix," Mistress Dark replied. "My name is Michelle Sombre. I own this house. These are my two submissives, Rose and Penelope. I run a submissive training business under the name of Mistress Dark. You can find me on the web. The other three are here for training. They are to be returned to their dominant's on Monday. They agreed to the training and may leave at any time by giving me their safe word."

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