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At ChaSourcing, we proudly offer a stunning collection of JianZhan teaware, embodying the rich heritage and artistry of Chinese tea culture. JianZhan, also known as Tenmoku, refers to the exquisite and unique tea bowls originating from Jianyang in Fujian Province. These bowls are renowned for their distinctive glaze patterns and robust construction, making them highly valued by tea enthusiasts and collectors alike.Our JianZhan tea bowls are crafted by skilled artisans who adhere to traditional techniques, ensuring each piece is a masterpiece. The characteristic glaze, achieved through high-temperature firing, creates mesmerizing patterns such as hare's fur, oil spots, and partridge feathers. These natural variations make each bowl unique, adding a personal touch to your tea experience.The thick walls and sturdy build of JianZhan bowls provide excellent heat retention, making them ideal for savoring the subtle flavors of high-quality teas. The glaze's texture enhances the tactile experience, allowing for a comfortable grip and a pleasurable drinking experience.

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