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Reviewed iCloud for Windows

Works, but 40Mb download for a simple app like this? Whaaaat?!? Read full review


Best browser by far! 5 stars!

And finally Uriel wrote something that's true: "don't listen to me ... I am a troll" :) Read full review


Wow - version 130 of Chrome! :) Now this is going a bit too fast... Read full review


Latest v14.0.825.0 crashes a lot... Read full review


I love Chrome! Very fast, very stable.
The only thing I'd like to see improved is printing... Read full review


Hehe, no I don't think Uriel even has a computer - at least not connected to the Internet, and definitely not surfing the web! The sites he would be visiting could get his IP and track what webpages he want to view! Now we can't have that! :)... Read full review

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