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Reviewed The GIMP 2.10.20 Revision 1

So wait dudeboyz, you will rate this tool properly based on its functionality and usability but not others? Although you have some inane obsession with DOT NET with no explanation or justification as to why and you continue to use it as a rating... Read full review

Reviewed Paint.NET 4.2.13

So wait, you come to a program named "Paint.NET" just to rate it down because it uses .net? Again, all of your reviews seem to have jack to do with the application and instead focus on stuff that has little impact on the usability of the... Read full review

Reviewed doPDF 10.9.128

So wait...are betanews ratings intended to rate the size of the application and not the functionality now? Dudeboyz, stop being a troll and rate how the application acts. When features are added, size often goes up. Not everyone is worried about... Read full review

Reviewed Unlocker 1.9.2

Anomoly: Apparently the author has released a portable version of Unlocker as well, it is available as a download on the main Unlocker webpage. So there is no excuse for using the mediocre Fileassassin.
Lusono: Fileassassin does not find half the... Read full review

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