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How to become invincible at the dinosaur game on Google Chrome?

For the past few years, Google Chrome has included an endless dinosaur game that appears when the browser does not have an internet connection.

If you are unable to get the dinosaur game page, you can cut your internet connection and open a page on google chrome to get the dinosaur game. If not, just open a new tab and paste it chrome: // dino then hit "Enter."

If not, go to https://dinorunner.com/ to play the dinosaur game without having to shut down the internet and make your computer idle.

How to play ?

To play the dinosaur game, you must jump above the cacti and pass above or below the pterodactyls (large prehistoric birds), you can use the up / down arrow on your keyboard and the space bar.

Space bar / up arrow: jump (also to start the game)
Down arrow: stoop (pterodactyls appear after 450 points)
Alt: pause the game

The game switches to dark background mode after each multiple of 700 points for the next 100 points

How to cheat on the dinosaur game on Google Chrome?

Cheating in a game is not good, everyone knows that! But cheating at the dinosaur game on Google Chrome is cool to show off to your friends!

Here is a little hack to become invincible at the dinosaur game on Google Chrome. Start by opening the dinosaur game page and open the Google Chrome developer console (right click then Inspect then click on the Console tab, or else by pressing Ctrl + Shift + J).

Enter these two commands to become invincible in the dinosaur game on Google Chrome:

var original = Runner.prototype.gameOver;

Runner.prototype.gameOver = function () {};

Here is what it looks like in the console of Google Chrome:

There you have it, you can easily reach the levels of the game without having to make any effort! Read on if you want to cancel the cheat code.

How to cancel the dinosaur game hack on google chrome?

You cheated at the dinosaur game on Google Chrome and got a more satisfactory score, you want to cancel the game hack? This is possible with the command below. Take the first steps again, the ones to start cheating but this time, you will have to use this command:

Runner.prototype.gameOver = original;

In the same way as the previous steps, you can increase the game speed of the dinosaur by typing this command in the console of Google Chrome:

Runner.instance_.setSpeed ??(200);

And to finish with the cheat codes for the game of the dinosaur, enter this command in the console of Google Chrome to jump higher:

Runner.instance_.tRex.setJumpVelocity (10);

A much smarter method than cheat codes

The second method is to create a small Arduino module that detects obstacles, and makes the dinosaur jump at the right time.

What is the Arduino?

After reading the second point, you thought to yourself that you are an intelligent person. So even if it means cheating, you might as well do it as intelligently as possible. We will therefore come back to Arduino in more detail.

You should know that Arduino is quite simply a programmable electronic card. The latter is equipped with:

a microcontroller;
a USB port;
input and output connectors. They are more or less;
many, depending on the card you are going to buy.

This will allow you, for example, to manage motors, display systems or even sensors. All of this can be very useful when developing prototypes for industry or in our case, to blow up the little dinosaur when it gets near the cactus.

To make this card work, you will of course have to program it. It uses the computer language C or C ++. The principle is simple. You are going to need two photo resistance sensors. The first should be positioned on a white area of ??the screen and the second should be positioned on the line where the cacti are located. The cactus being darker, the space bar will then be triggered. Be careful, for information, if you've never played there, there are also small cacti.

In short, as you can see, it is quite simple to program and implement. You can very well offer this exercise in a discovery course in programming.

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