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The firefox plugin is non-functional. Simply does nothing. The main app works, sort of, but is kluge-y and often fails to download the video. It has trouble resolving the various redirects and other stratagems that the video hosting sites employ.... Read full review

Reviewed SysCheckUp 4.1.0

Crap. Crashed on my WinXP box. Why pay money for this junk when there are dozens and dozens of Freeware and Open source programs that do all or some of what this does, and do it better?

Some people are under the false impression that if they... Read full review

Reviewed Sweet Home 3D 7.4


And there's no point arguing about Java, anymore. Sure it's a technology who's day never came; yes it's pretty slow; the Java plugin is a major cause of browser crashes, etc. etc.

But this app works extremely well and it's free.... Read full review

Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows

An embarrassing, bloated POS.

There's a multitude of useful, well-designed and free multimedia applications available for the Window platform. And this ain't one of them.

Avoid at all costs. Read full review

Reviewed ImgBurn

The best! Read full review


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