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Due to a serious bug in uTorrent that causes it not to ban peers sending bad data, we have been forced to remove it from our client whitelist. We're sorry for the inconvenience.
If you insist on changing to the latest version, it is... Read full review


@Prospero424: The problem with you is that do not get a good night of sleep with somebody elses experiences and review here, certainly not mine.I know it is still not working for me on a huge private tracker, allready send my complains to them but... Read full review

Reviewed GOM Media Player

Use to love this player but KMPlayer and ALShow are also very relaxed, I prefer ALShow because it does everything I want with smoothness.
Gomplayer isnt crap, it is just what you prefer but be carefull with installing and uncheck Ask Toolbar Read full review

Reviewed MP3 Quality Modifier 2.53

This is just an audioconverter, right?If it works fast, its good, otherwise look for a faster one.On a mobile phone you can go as low as mp3 / 112 kbps with slightly qualityloss but i prefer 192 kbps but 320 kbps is just a wast of data and I... Read full review


What I said that is that if more and more clients going to use uTP private trackers, more and more private trackers going to allow this uTP.
But if a private tracker keeps blocking uTP everyone can make is his own decission, use an allowed... Read full review

Reviewed NetLimiter

Works but if you want to get it of your computers, years after you still find pieces of this software in folders and registry.
Use a tool like clean uninstaller from WinTools to get rid of all pieces after uninstalling this software. Read full review


"uTorrent 2.xx has been out right banned, because it slows down swarms by favouring mainly other uTP clients, and as utorrent 2.xx is the only one that impliments uTP, it is mainly ignoring others in the swarm"
What is says here is that uTP is... Read full review


@Prospero424: Read your review on May 11th and I do respect your opinion.
For now it is an endless discussion, should we consider to avoid using private trackers that has banned version 2.xx. Should we just wait and see what happens within rules... Read full review

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