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Responsibilities and Roles Every ESA Owner Must Fulfil - 2021 Guide

An emotional support animal lightens your mood when it comes to emotional distress but it can also prove to be a headache in terms of the rules and regulations that an ESA Owner must abide by. On the other hand, the benefits that an best guard dogs provides are numerous. This article will enlighten you about the roles and responsibilities that an ESA owner must fulfill.

The first thing that every ESA owner must know is the importance of an Emotional support animal letter. It is essentially signed by the concerned medical officer and is legally binding.

Do you require a letter to prove that you own an emotional support animal?


There are several online services available which aim to help you with it. The main purpose of an ESA letter is to let the emotional support animal stay with its owner at all times, even in places where generally, pets are not allowed. Fees regarding the keeping of pets can also be waived off in certain cases if it is established that you actually have an emotional support animal and not a regular pet. It needs to be categorically mentioned that an emotional support animal does not need to be registered.

Keeping your ESA in check

As the owner of your emotional support animal, you are responsible for the actions of your emotional support animal and you should make sure that your ESA does not cause any nuisance. In case of air travel with your emotional support animal, you should make sure that your dog house plans does not disturb other passengers on the plane. For these purposes, certain people train their emotional support animals to make them more obedient before taking them aboard. If your ESA does not behave and causes disturbances for other passengers and staff members, the airline can stop you from boarding and you should not make any fuss about it.

Inform about your ESA status well before arrival

If you are planning to travel on a certain airline along with your ESA, it is recommended that you inform the airline well before your flight. It is recommended that this information is passed on at the time of booking your tickets. The main purpose of this is that the airline can inform you of any unforeseen policy changes that might affect your travel with your emotional support animal. Another reason is that it is mandatory for the diy dog house and ESA owner to give a notice at least 48 hours earlier to the respective airline so that they can then inform their staff on duty for the flight and be accommodating in this regard as generally the policy regarding the travel of pets is pretty strict.

To love them back

It is the top-most duty of an ESA owner that he does not take the emotional support, care and love provided by the emotional support animal, for granted. Emotional support animals should be cared for and loved the way they deserve. As humans, we should, in every capacity, keep them healthy by organic dog food providing quality food and shelter.

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