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Wow, what a difference. Last time I tried Chrome I praised it for it's responsiveness, but decided not to use it for the lack of a plugin engine (extensions).

Now I have Xmarks and ADBlock working on it, there really isn't much of a reason to... Read full review

Reviewed PathSync 0.33

Great little utility.

I keep a copy on my USB stick for efficient ad-hoc data moving.

If you have 1000s of files to copy, this app is much faster than Windows copy & paste (especially under Vista). And it's folder synchronisation features... Read full review

Reviewed Cobian Backup

I have been using Cobian for scheduled data backups to the NAS (networked hard drive) for years. Works flawlessly!

I also keep PathSync on my USB stick, for add hoc folder backups (tends to be faster than Windows copy & paste).

Both... Read full review

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