MaxiVista iPad 4.0.13 for Windows

by Bartels Media

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License Freeware
Operating System Windows 7/Vista/XP
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Publisher Bartels Media
Homepage MaxiVista
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MaxiVista turns any spare Laptop or Tablet PC into a second monitor for your primary PC. Program windows can be extended across both PC's screens, while the programs are still all controlled from the primary PC. Connect two PCs via Ethernet, wireless LAN, FireWire, or USB and enjoy a bigger desktop real estate. This avoids switching back and forth between overlapping windows to increase your productivity. It is based only on software. No need to buy graphics cards, monitors or keyboard mouse switches.

Program windows can be shifted seamlessly from PC and on to the high-end screen of the iPad to alleviate the hassle of swapping between overlapping applications. MaxiVista offers a portable Dual Monitor Solution for Mobile PC users underway. MaxiVista offers a display frame rate that, although wireless, closely matches that of a conventional monitor. Due to a special data compression, the CPU and network load stay mostly within single digits.

This is a free download but you must purchase the iPad App from the App Store for $9.99.

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Bala7 reviewed v4.0.13 on Jul 15, 2010

Trial_not free.

Avg. Rating 4.2 (11 votes)
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Bala7 reviewed v4.0.13 on Jul 15, 2010

Trial_not free.

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