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Reviewed Registry First Aid Standard 11.3.0

Reg cleaner, NO don't wast your time BUT
Reg defrag, Yes an absolute must have unless you want your Win machine to boot-up in 20 minutes.

The best registry defragment I've ever used not to be confused with hard drive defrag. All those one star... Read full review

Reviewed Converseen

agreed, the installer in phone home spyware. Worthless piece of junk: free is far to expensive for this malware. Read full review

Reviewed Comodo IceDragon

Both Comodo browsers are terribly buggy. There are too many quality FF derivative which work, IceDragon is not among them. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows 91.0.4516.65

... Just as sycophants will be sycophants. Read full review

Reviewed Pale Moon 31.0.0

Was good a while back but now the dev has achieved a measure of success and become quite arrogant. Palemoon has very poor built-in JavaScript controls.
There are other Firefox derivatives offering much better JS controls such as 8pecxstudios... Read full review

Reviewed Sleipnir for Windows

Get something for FREE and people will continue to complain about anything and everything. Sleipnir: the mythological Norse eight legged horse is an underestimated Internet browser.

Additionally, Sleipnir 2.0 branch continues to be updated... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft WorldWide Telescope 5.5.03

Why don't you - that's right - you, test this program and report back. Live up to your pseudonym and stop b****ing - stand for the community. Read full review


No, not servers. Operation "Prism" connects directly to the Backbone thereby allowing plausible deniability for Google, FB and others. Read full review

Reviewed xpy 1.3.8

Despite all the bad reviews this tiny app is truly excellent. However, it is up to you, the user, too understand the inner workings of your OS. If you're not sure what a field means then do not check that box. Read full review

Reviewed SUMo

Excellent software updater.
As for adware or spyware simply use the "Lite" version or .zip portable version available at website. Read full review

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