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Reviewed Vivaldi for Windows 5.3.2679.55

When it was launched I thought, the browser would be good as the ex Opera people are behind it. Unfortunately it didn't shaped the way I thought it would. Like almost all chromium based browser it too is slow to load. Just load a previous session... Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Flash Player for Windows (Firefox)

Doesn't matter how many versions of Flash Adobe might come up with claiming improvements and security, it is the single most common reason that brings down my system to it's knees, it simply sucks BIG TIME !

Unfortunately I still have to... Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller

INMO, when it comes to Flash, this is the best thing that comes out from Adobe ! Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows (Beta) 43.0.2442.7

The day the Opera management decided to chromatized (sic) their browser, they have pushed the button for self-destruction !

If you must use Chromium based browser then there are many better browsers available on the with much more... Read full review

Reviewed Directory Opus 12.23

I personally feel that Directory Opus is becoming bloated and too complex. XYPlorer is an alternative worth trying. Read full review

Reviewed Sleipnir for Windows

Bloatware and Memory hogging monster !

Yet I tryout all released versions (on windows), in a hope that one day the developers would realize that they have created a monster ;), and will come out with sleek and fast browser. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows (Beta) 43.0.2442.7

What to say? Opera management have shot in their own foot. The wound is not healing and it will soon leads to amputation !

Once a king of innovations, is now struggling hard to survive. Read full review

Reviewed SlickRun

Great Application. I have been using it since 4+ years. Simple and easy to use. Takes less memory than other similar programs. Easy to export and import the list of shortcuts. One of the first three programs I installs if I have to reinstall windows. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows (Beta) 43.0.2442.7

How come it is released on 3rd March? I have been using the same opera next version since last ten days or so ! I had downloaded it from Opera's FTP side.

Other than that all I can say is the Opera is nearing it's death bed. It's been 5 major... Read full review

Reviewed Process Explorer 16.43

I think Process Hacker is better. Nevertheless it is still extremely good. Read full review

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