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Reviewed Aero Glass for Windows 8.1/10 v1.5.13

I'm using Acronis 2016 Home and after installing Aero Glass the scheduler got all screwed up. Running at random times during the day, and creating duplicate backups. Everything went back to normal after removing. Read full review


Tixati sucks, big time...

All the ads can be disabled in the configuration of uTorrent. Don't you guys look in the configuration... Read full review

Reviewed qBittorrent for Windows 4.3.8

I had a few problems, speed deteriorates over time, on large files. Seems ho hang at times. Still BETA, so it's getting there. Went back to uTorrent, and using Tixati as a backup. Been using both for years, I still find uTorrent #1, after years of... Read full review


It's these same people over and over again ripping uTorrent. Get a life. We have to wade through your crap on every announcement of a release of uTorrent. It's apparent you have not recently or presently evaluated releases for years. You have your... Read full review

Reviewed ADVANCED Codecs 15.1.1

Ok, I've used these codecs for a LONG time with no problems, until now. Almost all the pinned programs in the start menu disappeared after installing :(

I would have given it a 5 star rating but anytime an install alters something it's not... Read full review


Uriel -> My god you post this in every topic relaited to a new uTorrent download. Tixati is no where as near refined a s uTorrent. I tried Tixati and went rigt back to uTorrent.

uTorrent still rules. Apparenty you only have an issue with the... Read full review

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