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Reviewed AutoHotkey

Too bad, a once great automation tool was completely raped to only allow some autdated UTF-8 codepage. Whatever the lamer was that came to this idea....... Read full review

Reviewed Website-Watcher for Windows 2023 v23.6

Looks likes a 20 years old thing, behaves like a 20 years old thing, and is slow like a 20 years old thing. Indeed, lots of free products around which do the job correctly, this one doesn't (and probably never will) Read full review


I hope to use version 36, when it has matured enough to replace FF. Read full review


Finally thinking about leaving that crap Firefox, it offered 1 single feature why users stuck to it, and it wasn't even from the developers themselves, AdBlockPlus.

Opera is out of the option because it's a boring thing, Hello Chrome !!!! Read full review

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