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Reviewed Spybot - Search & Destroy (v2.4) 2.4.40

Still appreciate some of Spybot's functions (immunization of browsers, hosts). Not sure it's needed these days (modern antivirus do much of this in realtime). The 2.x interface is sadly still a total mess, clunky, modulated, loathsome. Always... Read full review


Finally made the switch to different software (Deluge, recommended), due to uTorrent's bloat and probable future plans from parent company (more bloat, ads). Goodbye uTorrent, you were great for a few years, while you were independent. Read full review

Reviewed AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 15.10 Beta

Up to 288 MB! Getting ridiculous, AMD. At least I haven't had any infuriating problems with Catalyst drivers or installs, though... lately. Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox (Beta) 104.0 Beta 7

Some people really, really hate change. Read full review

Reviewed Start8 1.56

Start8 is great.
Really great. Read full review

Reviewed PeerBlock 1.2 Release 693

The finest peer blocking software available. Light resource usage, tiny install. Tons of options. Highly recommended. I-Blocklist integration, and now those purchases are shared with PeerBlock to help development. Read full review

Reviewed XnView for Windows 2.51.2

XnView is pretty incredible. I first tried out the "lite" (portable) version, and really appreciated all of its customization options, from colors to keyboard shortcuts. The interface is not bad, and also highly customizable (from super detailed... Read full review

Reviewed ReNamer 4.1

Thanks for the news, smaragdus. You are absolutely correct, sadly. The new Lite (freeware) version is limited to 5 presets and 5 rules, which is a significant downgrade (if not unusable) for many users of ReNamer. The Pro version is over $20. I... Read full review

Reviewed AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 15.10 Beta

Finally hit a big problem with AMD's (notorious) Catalyst drivers: It seems my display driver has not been getting updated (via these Catalyst Suites) since a few weeks after my fresh install of Windows 8 in 2012. I am still unable to update the... Read full review

Reviewed Start8 1.56

Incredible bit of software. Perfectly mimics Windows Start Menu. Only $5 (for life of product). Developed by Stardock, trusted. New and improved releases regularly. Tiny file size and low resource usage. This review's especially for Lord Troll IV... Read full review

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