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Reviewed RoboForm 9.2.1

I don't understand why so many out there are complaining so much about charging for a major upgrade to your software. I have been using Roboform since version 4 and I've always liked it. I've tried going to Lastpass 3 times, but I alway go back... Read full review

Reviewed AM-DeadLink 4.7

Hey Antichrist. As posted in his blog and I quote as to being asked why on FF3 support, he says " no, still no plans to hack into foreign databases. Only browsers that save their bookmarks in a readable plain text format are supported." Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Windows

Their website shows that this is release, NOT beta. for build 136. Read full review

Reviewed FileZilla Server 1.4.1

Hey Reverb, as stated on the filezilla info page, and I quote "Support for SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol) is not implemented in Filezilla Server. " The client piece supports SFTP. Hope that clears this up. Read full review

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