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Reviewed Microsoft Windows 10 Final (Official Release)

This new release of the preview adds an interesting piece of functionality - there's an optional "full screen" portion to the start menu (to put you in a psuedo-windows 8 'start screen' mode), but there's also changes to how the start menu looks... Read full review

Reviewed WebCacheImageInfo 1.34

Doesn't seem to do Chrome (running Chrome 31.0.1650.63 m and 33.0.1731.1 canary SyzyASan), but it does do IE/Firefox.

Incorrectly reports IE v11.9431.195 as IE 10. Firefox is v26.0 BETA.

I _did_ try to set in advanced options the... Read full review

Reviewed Juicy Business Cards 1.71

Crippleware. I got all the way to the point of saving the card I designed, and that wasn't allowed. The kicker is when I went to print it - it got all the way to showing me the print preview and having me select the Avery business card sheet... Read full review

Reviewed Rapid Environment Editor 8.0 Build 929

Love this! It immediately showed me which PATH entries were invalid, etc. Read full review

Reviewed Flutter for Windows 0.7.22

Flutter 0.52 still doesn't support Windows 8 64-bit (assuming doesn't support Win 7-64 either?)

Bummer!!!! Read full review

Reviewed Notepad++ 8.6.4

Life without notepad++ would not be worth living.... Okay, more seriously, I've been using text editors now for 30 years. Notepad++ is the best one for my job as a programmer I've ever used. The only thing I would add would be a LISPy macro... Read full review

Reviewed Flutter for Windows 0.7.22

In Windows 7 x64 (HP Pavillion DV4 laptop w/AMD Turion-II M500@2.2ghz 4gb RAM) I got the following message:

"Flutter does not currently support your processor and cannot be installed - we are working hard to add more support. Please let us... Read full review

Reviewed ContaCam 9.9.16 Beta 2

ContaCam runs great on my mid-grade laptop, and has all the features of a costly webcam motion capture system, without the cost. Keep up the great work developers of ContaCam! Read full review

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