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I don't know why Betanews has the 6.x line labeled as Beta. It is not. The 6.x line is still considered the dev channel. Its even listed as such in the About window.

Disregarding that I'm liking the 6.x line more and more on both Windows and OS... Read full review

Reviewed Trillian for Windows

Astra supports Google Talk out of the box. As well as any other Jabber based IM service. It doesn't support any of the video/audio extensions on Google Talk though. Read full review


@coover: the beta and nightly builds have a command line option for a bookmark(s) button. Its "--bookmark-menu". Its simplly not enabled by default because its not a stable feature yet. Read full review

Reviewed K-MeleonCCF ME 0.096.3

Much better out of the box than default K-Meleon for sure. Just wish it could import ablock+ rules straight from a Firefox profile.

The side-by-side errors can be eliminated by deleting the manifest file in the extracted directory. Not sure why... Read full review

Reviewed Process Explorer 17.04

The errors about replacing the task manager and more than one instance can be fixed by taking ownership of the folder that process explorer lives in, at least it did for me.

Works great in Vista and Windows 7 as stated previously. Read full review

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