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Reviewed Exstora Freeware 2.8

Interestingly, it's not resizable - it insists on taking up 25% of my desktop. For me, that makes it unusable. Bummer... Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

Installed the new version and it didn't display most pages - including the 'last pages visited' tab on startup - just empty white screen. Reinstalled twice with same results. Finally reinstalled 2.5.11 and everything works great. Whew. Upgrade... Read full review

Reviewed Task Tiger 1.2 Beta

Set your expectations accordingly.

This might be a good application - I couldn't tell. I envisioned an app where I could add/modify/delete tasks - without having to read a manual. I could not. Clicking the Add Task button did nothing... Read full review

Reviewed VueMinder Lite 2021.01

Despite the 'Help' indicating otherwise, this app doesn't do tasks, rendering the program not very useful... Read full review

Reviewed Comandiux

Either it needs a bit more instructions or it simply doesn't work. No matter what I enter, I only get an error popup that says 'the system cannot find the file specified'. Read full review

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