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Reviewed Avant Browser Lite 2019 Build 3

I mainly use the ultimate version,but I always keep a lite USB version in my computer. IE engine takes more resource compared with firefox engine which is the default engine I use.
Still as fast as usual and the AD blocker is powerful. Read full review

Reviewed Avant Browser Ultimate 2020 Build 3

2013 build 21 is much stable now compared with the earlier versions of 2013. But I don't quite like the new interface. Old skins are more useful for me. I like show all kind of buttons on the toolbar which is easier to use. Read full review

Reviewed Avant Browser Lite 2019 Build 3

Now,firefox has released a new version which has fix the problem about roboform. I have the same problem in the firefox engine of Avant browser. When will Avant release the new version with the updated gecko engine? Hope it will come soon. Read full review


Like chrome's speed fast but don't like the too simplest UI. Adress bar doesn't have drop down lost, no redo button. These are the ones I use very often.So,most of them time, I use chrome engine in Avant browser which has the fast speed of chrome... Read full review

Reviewed RoboForm 9.2.1

I always use roboform to save my password, although my Avant browser has the autofills feature.
I asked in roboform online support several days ago about the problem of roboform and Avant browser & firefox. They fixed it soon.Good work. Read full review

Reviewed Avant Browser Lite 2019 Build 3

Updated to 2012 build 8 (Ultimate) Read full review

Reviewed Avant Browser Lite 2019 Build 3

Great! The fire.exe error gone in alpha 5. Read full review


Chrome is really fast, but there isn't much build-in features there, I don't want to use plug-ins which will slow my computer. Hope Chrome add some new build-in features in the futher.
I'm now using Avant browser and chrome, if you can do what I... Read full review

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