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Reviewed WPanorama 10.1.2 Beta

only goes from one end of a pano to the other, does NOT go around continuously but stops at the ends (so whats the point?).
(unlike Deval or FSP)
also has to "reload" picture on screen resize.

[EDIT] ok, reinstalled and played with it more .... Read full review

Reviewed Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter 1.12

it tried accessing the internet on install, i choked it off - it hung for a moment, complained it couldn't download install files, then it continued and installed. ran program and looked for update toggle (there isn't one - so i don't understand... Read full review

Reviewed JetClean 1.5.0

installed, wanted internet access right away {denied}. looked to turn off automatic update in settings, really didn't see a way to turn it off. immediately uninstalled (used revo, found lots of s*** it left behind), end of review. Read full review

Reviewed UltraDefrag 7.1.4

why does it want "internet access"???

i find no "update" settings to turn off and searched the forums and found no answer. i have blocked it via my firewall. author can you answer why internet is needed and will blocking it effect its ability?... Read full review

Reviewed Computer History Viewer 1.1

http://www.virustotal.co...ee8a7441af09-1272494262 Read full review

Reviewed S10 RedEyes 3.0

pretty cool! i sometimes think 1st reviews, esp good ones, are made by "shills".
not this time, i have many editors (and plugins). this things works very nice. i am using it as an external editor from within acdsee. this is truly freeware... Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed Autoruns 14.09

it wants to "go on internet" when i start it (is that ok?) Read full review

Reviewed Norton Remove and Reinstall

actually Sven123456789 there is;

"You never see a removal tool for McAfee, which uninstalls with ease if u have to. So whats that telling you" Read full review

Reviewed Advanced ID Creator 8.5.169

Great, just what we need with rampant ID fraud. Read full review

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