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Reviewed IrfanView 4.62

Not really sure why you cannot view jpg/jpeg files, but it works perfectly for me.

I have been using IV since the late 90s & never ever had a windows os without this installed. Works well, great speed, handles almost unlimited list of... Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Windows

Was perfect till the last version. Force closes with this one. Read full review


Would have loved Chrome, but some extensions work so much smoother on FF than Chrome!
Tab Mix Plus ... don't see an alt in Chrome - I need my tabs at the bottom.
X-notifier - Chrome has it, but by no means is it the same as on FF. No pop-up... Read full review

Reviewed Font Loader 1.2

Very useful :) Thanks for this. Now I no longer need to install all the fonts I may use on some rare occasions.
Am just wondering it is right when it says that the download size is 7,500kb. Should it not read as 75kb? Read full review

Reviewed PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.322.10

Really like this too!
Just wondering, what is the Pro version called? I go to their site and see a lot of versions and have no clue which one I should get. I'd like to edit pdf files. Read full review

Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows

This is one reason that I have never bothered getting myself an iPhone!!! Bloated and packed with stuff that is absolutely unnecessary. Way too complicated to figure out simple stuff. Read full review


Two gripes I have had with Google Chrome is:
a) It does not allow me to place the tabs at the bottom AND does not have an extension that allows it.
b) I happen to be working in the Middle East and Google just thrusts Arabic in my face!!! I have... Read full review

Reviewed Balabolka

Nice program, works well and actually does more than my basic need. A 5 star rate for that.
The program seems to be constantly updated and hence the 5 stars remain.
No clue of what those updates are and hence taken of a star! Read full review

Reviewed iWisoft Free Video Converter 1.2.0

Really good allrounder ... have been using it for about 3 months and has done every thing I have thrown at it. Read full review

Reviewed Hornil StylePix

This is turning out to be great! Updates almost every other day.
Just can't find a way to change the font and its size when typing text Read full review

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