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Reviewed Simple Adblock 0.8.4


_seems_ to block ads but "secretly" renders other ad streams to profit ecofascists

Instead try one of these tools for adblocking on Intertardnet Explorer:

AdBlock Pro

...... Read full review

Watchlisted BFilter for Windows

Reviewed BFilter for Windows 1.1.4

fantastically useful

unlike timeless proxomitron, BFilter's developer still lives

better: BFilter can be fed AdBlock Plus format subscription filter sets

yay Read full review

Watchlisted Proxomitron

Watchlisted Adblock Pro

Reviewed Proxomitron 4.5

GREAT software never dies.. even when the developer himself does

(I miss JD5000, too)

there is an active, AVID community developing filter sets for proxomitron

[Bfilter is worth trying]

If you crave a spiffier interface and do not need... Read full review

Reviewed Adblock Pro 3.6

* not updated often enough to justify cost

* cannot fully utilize AdBlock Plus (firefox) subscription list format

compared to IE7pro, which was _once_ an excellent choice, Adblock Pro is a better choice because it contains ZERO malware.... Read full review

Reviewed Malwarebytes for Windows

much like "norton antivirus" this 'tool' does an excellent job at licensing enforcement.. but is not good at much else

consider instead completely free: Spybot Search & destroy Read full review

Favorite Files

Adblock Pro 3.6

WWW & Internet
Shareware, $19.95

BFilter for Windows 1.1.4

WWW & Internet

Proxomitron 4.5

WWW & Internet

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