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Reviewed AMD Catalyst Drivers for Windows 15.10 Beta

The drivers may or may not be OK but recently buying a 5870 made me install control centre for the first time in a long time and I see it is still the same ugly bloated irrational pile of poo it always was. When will they realise the turd they... Read full review

Reviewed FTPRush 2.1.6

This software is total crap.. a... development has stopped. their is ZERO support ont heir forums.. people are not receiving keys after paying for them. If a tool from the FTPRUSH forums stops here to dispute my claims *cough*DIAMON*cough* look... Read full review

Reviewed Fix WMP Utility 1.0

Doesn't fix WMP DRM problems. Read full review

Reviewed Unlocker 1.9.2

Unlocker is the real deal, nice to see that the project is still alive. LockHunter and FileAssassin are just pale imitations not even worth mentioning. Let's hope that the author ports this amazing software to x64 soon. Read full review

Reviewed The KMPlayer for Windows (32-bit)

The .1436 version I just downloaded does have a checkbox asking if you agree to terms and stuff and want to install the ASK Toolbar.

Uncheck it and it doesn't install the toolbar. It comes up after KMP has been installed. Read full review

Reviewed MP3 Quality Modifier 2.53

Many commercial "mp3 quality changers" out there and if you want to reduce the bitrate than this freeware is quite good.

And well I really need it for my old 512mb mp3-player ;-) Read full review

Reviewed K-Lite Codec Pack Update 18.3.0

Read full review

Reviewed Piggly Christmas Edition 1.25t

My kids enjoyed this game a lot. Read full review

Reviewed X-Chat 2.8.6-2

Excellent IRC client. Read full review

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