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Reviewed gdipp (32-bit) 0.8.1 Beta

Please read changelog! This is not a bug. And Windows XP was never supported in the first place, it's just that past version of gdipp did not require DirectWrite feature that Windows XP does not have. Read full review

Reviewed Gpick 0.2.1

Oh yes, people try out all kinds of different programs all the time, but they hate to install libraries that rarely need to be updated... *shrugs*

You need GTK+ because Windows does not have them by default, just like you need to install .NET... Read full review

Reviewed Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Bug no.1 in Ubuntu :)

Great comment there FB! You hit the nail on the head with this one. Are you being published anywhere by any chance? I want to read more of your insights. Read full review

Reviewed Console 2.00 Build 148 Beta

64-bit version is now also available: Read full review

Reviewed Deluge 1.3.15

Extremely slow o.0 ? Rubbish ? (/facepalm) Rubbish is created by throwing away a wrapper off your hamburger. Software is hard work!

Runs just fine on my old celeceron with 256Mb RAM. And have no comaplaint about GUI either. Read full review

Reviewed DiskCryptor 1.1.846.118

I am especially happy that the program provides feature to make bootloader image for PXE network booting. This is extremely convenient for enterprise/corporate or any other network environments. Read full review


This is a development build (it is not even beta, whoever labelled it as beta on BetaNews, is wrong), you must expect problems. Don't install it unless you want to help developers. If you want to b**** about something, how about find something... Read full review

Reviewed FreeArc for Windows 0.67 Alpha

No one is asking you to use it. That's called a choice, mister. Do you also complain when you go shopping for stuff? Read full review

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