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Reviewed Scraps

Demoware, not freeware. Would be decent if it was free. Read full review

Reviewed GWX Control Panel

Did what it should do...got rid of that useless nagware.

I just really wish MS would stop trying to force their crap on us so we didn't need tools like this. Read full review

Reviewed IDPhotoStudio

For those looking for a clean version of this program, the developer does offer the program without adware here: http://www.kcsoftwares.com/files/sumo_lite.exe

Very simple, does what's advertised. the -1 is because of the adware. Read full review

Reviewed iCloud for Windows

Does what it says it'll do.

70MB download is a bit large for what it does though, probably because they packed 32- and 64-bit in the same package, alongside all the other crap Apple software installs (Bonjour, ASU, Application Support...) Read full review

Reviewed Converseen

Program itself is decent, but I won't score it better than 1 until the malware is removed.

As always, clean version is here: http://www.mediafire.com...verseen_0.8.1_Setup.exe Read full review

Reviewed PC Reviver

Severely overpriced. Most of its functionality can be had for free with other tools. Besides, many of these programs end up doing more harm than good. Read full review

Reviewed phpMyAdmin 5.2.0

Rrather difficult to live without for those of us who work with DBs regularly.

I'm not thrilled with the 4.x series though (AJAX bloat). I much prefer my 3.4.x version with the AJAX turned off.

I've found 4.x struggles when used on slower... Read full review

Reviewed Mozy Home for Windows 2.28

Can't recommend it. Don't use it myself, but as someone who fixes PCs, I have several clients who do/did. In every single case, this software and service failed to perform as advertised.

Here's two failures:

Someone with a dying HDD (spewing... Read full review

Reviewed Windows 8 Transformation Pack 9.1

Why would anyone want this? Everybody wants to make 8 look like 7, not the other way around...

If you want Windows 8's UI, you'd be better off installing 8.1... Read full review

Reviewed SciTE 5.5.0

Plenty powerful for moderate coding. I use it for work all the time.

It isn't packed with features and the editor itself is quite bare, but it does what I need, which is give me a no-nonsense editor with syntax highlighting for multiple... Read full review

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