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Reviewed Kubuntu 19.04

Canonical does not make crap. KDE has come a long way and it's quite cool. If you like lightweight Xfce, then that's your preference, and no need to bash desktop environments that are different. Read full review

Reviewed KeePass Password Safe Professional Edition 2.57

"Good, but net must go."

This is like shouting at the wind. NET. is here to stay and expand. It certainly will not go anywhere. Because of .NET the KeePass can now run on Linux, Mac, BSD without need for contributed/unofficial KeePass builds.... Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Shockwave Player

"pretty much useless these days, stick to just installing flash player"

Ehhh... what? :/
No one is asking anyone to install it just for the sake of having it. If you need it, - install it. If not, - then just don't. Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows 2023.006.20380

Vulnerabilities should be fixed and rolled out as soon as possbile without wait for any "Patch Tuesday". So what Adobe does, is showing that they care. Kudos!

So, for the majority of people who already have latest updated Reader 9.1.1 it would... Read full review


All you 1-star raters, you do realize that this is alpha build (and not beta as listed) that suppose to have problems, including small font bug?

IMO, BetaNews must not allow rating of beta or at least alpha grade software, as judging from... Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for Windows 2023.006.20380

johnusa, if you would look at the "Requirements" line (below screenshot), you would see that it does say, that Adobe Reader v9.1 is required. Read full review

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