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Reviewed Alternative Flash Player Auto-Updater

ESET pick this up as a Virus / Malware threat (Below). Good idea, but seems to be Malicious.
JS/TrojanClicker.Agent.NBN trojan... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1

ISO is not for most users, If you are using Windows 7, simply use the "Windows Update" Feature.

If you insist on the ISO, rather then burning (Wasting) a DVD install "Virtual Drive Clone"... Read full review

Reviewed USBDeview 3.06

I have nooooooo clue what "Sweathog" is talking about, but this is an essential app if you are an IT Tech. It's great to pull up the entire tree of what USB Devices have been connected over time and serves an excellent if nothing else way to clean... Read full review

Reviewed CCEnhancer 4.5.7

I know it's an "Enhancement", but be careful if you use it. For instance, it has an option to clean up "Outlook". One of the files it searches out is the .NK2 file. This is BAD to delete.

This file holds all the email address information of... Read full review

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