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Reviewed WinZip for Windows 27.0

WinZip is one of the great old shareware apps that defy getting old and useless. Starting with version 12, WinZip provides a better .zip compression than most other applications (probably including WinRAR). .zip is still important these days while... Read full review

Reviewed FreeCommander XE 2024 Build 901

Not bad after all; in fact it is one of the best two-pane file managers and surely the best free one. The only thing I don't like is that fC doesn't have an "explorer-style" layout (one treebar and one file panel). But that is some kind of... Read full review

Reviewed IpfilterX M1-Doll

In these days of file sharing, having an up-to-date IPFilter list is a must. IPFilterX blocks a wide range of possibly spying IPs without blocking too many innocent clients. For people without paranoia. Highly recommended! Read full review

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