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Reviewed NTFS Recovery Toolkit

This is a nice advert for their paid applications. But offers nothing but useless demos. However it contains an e-book in pdf format about recovery procedures. That is the only useful part of it - the rest is worhtless, certainly has nothing to do... Read full review

Reviewed Advanced SystemCare Free

A great program, and getting slowly better. However, there is one exception: the defrag module is totally and completely useless. It comes up with 368 files that need to be defragged, then it pretends to be 'fixing' them. The next day I run it, it... Read full review

Reviewed WinPatrol 35.5.2017.8

The Full Version (shareware) is doing the job great, but the 'Freeware' version is totally useless. The delay built into the freeware version (to induce you yo buy the Full version) causes the warning come too late - the malware is already... Read full review

Reviewed Avast Antivirus Free 22.4.7175

This is the best free AV program available today. That title used to belong to Avira, but with version 10 they screwed it up, and stubbornly refuse to fix it.
What I like best is the almost complete absence of false positives. Great program! Read full review


This is the best Downloader I have used, but that new 'Software Updater' is a load of rubbish. Runs when it wants to, uses 100% of CPU, and when you want to update something - it dumps you on somebody's home page. Fortunately you can turn it off!. Read full review

Reviewed CloudDrive 0.68

The 5GB offered is generous, but the program does not work at all. Many files are not uploaded - for whatever reason - and you land with a huge list of error messages. There is no synchronizing function to after-wards copy the skipped files. So,... Read full review

Reviewed Sysinternals Suite 28.11.2022

"Artem Tashkinov

Reviewing Build 11/3/09 (Nov 5, 2009)

Sometimes I hate Microsoft.

For no reasons, Filemon and Regmon were thrown out of the Suite and you cannot even download them from the sysinternals website."

Artem, you are right,... Read full review

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