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Reviewed Ditto

I can't live without this. Why a multi-element clipboard isn't already built in to Windows, I don't know - but this integrates so sweetly it feels as tho' it is part of Windows. Read full review

Reviewed Universal SQL Editor

I have been looking for a PostgreSQL version of SQLYog for some time now and thought this might be it. And Freeware as well! But it isn't, it's Commercial with a rather ungenerous 14-day trial period. As soon as I discovered that, I lost interest.... Read full review

Reviewed Sublime Text 3.2.2 Build 3211

My main complaint is the cost. This IS a beta after all.

I like the left hand column showing the document with a page view square over it. Very nice feature.

But really, let us at it for free and mebbe, just mebbe, we'll migrate from... Read full review


Oops, I really should check for typos.

FWIW, my link should be to http://zeltus.eu/rococo.html

IF font-face works OK, the poem should appear in a cursive Cataneo BT font. If it doesn't, it'll look like a serif'd Times Roman font.

HTH!... Read full review


a) I always seem to have trouble upgrading Chrome - I usually end up uninstalling the old version before installign afresh the new version (WinXP)

b) Sadly, Chrome STILL does not handle @font-face properly (at least, not by default) - it can be... Read full review

Reviewed 1by1 v2.06

Simple, fast, does exactly what I need in a player. As I am careful to keep my music organised, this is a joy to use - I don't need a built-in database library.

This has become my primary means of listening to music - I've tried foobar et al... Read full review

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