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Reviewed AnyDVD HD

still too expensive with bad license needing to buy subscription just to get updates and lifetime subscription how is that different from free lifetime updates but not upgrades. if you buy lifetime subscription it only is for updates not upgrades... Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

agree it cost to much and still to buggy with laserscribe disk burning and incd a terrible value for unless you have only bluray you dont need anydvd hd for regular dvd movie and there are free rippers for regular dvd that work as good and better Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

stop whining to making it personal. review the program forget names. its too much money.the license changes are a joke. you can rip everything except bluray with free program and more bluray with other free doom9 people. dvdfab does blurays for... Read full review

Reviewed AnyDVD HD

way too much cost for this and litescribe never works anyway so anydvd cant blame for that. it wont work with incd and its expensive and now you buy and pay for license every ear over and over so its a ripoff now Read full review

Reviewed Virtual CloneDrive

good program. it works good and is free thanks slysoftware Read full review

Reviewed JRiver Media Center for Windows 32.0.6

its ok but itunes is free and not forty bucks. would be better at 19.95 instead. Read full review

Reviewed Virtual CloneDrive

this works good for what it does and free is good for college people. need to save money to buy a more hardrive space for this because the images take up room on my boot drive. more than I have right now. good program Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

my brother showed me maxthon2 and then he showed me maxthon1 and maxthon1 was more like a regular browser. internet seven and eight dont look right but maxthon lets you use it with a normal look. maxthon1 has the file menu at the top and tabs are... Read full review

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