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Reviewed Panda Free Antivirus 20.0.1

I´ve used many av free. Avast, Avg, Avira etc etc.
Panda Cloud is most complete in detection ratio, easy use and light.

A great free solution against malwate, very recommended. Read full review

Reviewed Panda USB Vaccine

Very good tool. So useful to armour the USB cause i use my pendrive in home in job in ciber in university and Panda Vaccine protect my pen and my pc against virus.

Very creative and good tool.

I dont know why they had not invented before!! Read full review

Reviewed Diablo II Demo

Lol i remember when i played this game. The online gaming is so cool and funny. When Diablo III will come to us??? :_( Read full review

Reviewed Winamp Full 2.91

The best music player created for the man. XD Easy to use, very soft and with thousands of skin to custom your winamp as you like.

Great program that resist the years very good. Read full review

Reviewed Panda ActiveScan 5.54.01

A very useful tool to attack the virus, is light and as the majority of the products of panda very easy to use. Very good program.
Regards! Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Each new version is better. Very fast and easy to use. Great navigator. Read full review

Reviewed Safari for Windows 5.1.7

Too heavy. It´s so slow and down my pc 3 times in an hour!!! It´s very cool but not useful for me. Read full review

Reviewed Panda Free Antivirus 20.0.1

A really great antivirus. I´ve used AVG cause i´m a gamer but AVG give me to many false positive and i´ve been infected tow times.

So i try with Cloud. And is perfect! It´s really soft, doesn´t use sources and big protection for a small... Read full review

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