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Reviewed KDE Software Compilation 4.8

After upgrading, internet died and the hard drives won't mount. It would pop up an error message instead of the usual password dialogue box. Great job on those bugs you guys. Now you have a useless pretty box. At least ugly GNOME still works... Read full review

Reviewed VLC for Windows 3.0.20

If you have 1.0.5, DO NOT UPGRADE. The compatibility with Winamp file and formats was seriously hampered in this release. Streaming x264 with nsv won't work and neither will Shoutcast. Although, according to reports, it may not be the... Read full review

Reviewed gdipp (32-bit) 0.8.1 Beta

Apparently your only two choices are: clear and pixelated or bold and blurry. Read full review


Lacking in some of features (can be mitigated somewhat by extensions) but speedy and has an uncluttered interface. Ridiculous and obvious attempt to bump version numbers to catch up to competitors. Here's to Google Chrome 20 this same time next... Read full review

Reviewed Ubuntu 23.04 (Lunar Lobster)

Stuck the window buttons on the left... Sure, it's not a big deal to change but it is a big deal when you put up a poll and the majority of users said they hated it but you implemented it anyways. Way to remove usability in order to be "edgy"... Read full review

Reviewed Mozilla Firefox for Windows 108.0

Slow as molasses, memory leaks everywhere (as a test, go ahead and leave a tab open overnight and see the memory rise for no apparent reason), more crash prone than 3.5.x versions, etc.

Mozilla seems to be going backwards with their browser.... Read full review

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