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Reviewed Microsoft Security Essentials (64-bit)

I wasn't sure whether to use this or not so I gave it a test drive on one of my laptops and I must say I was very impressed. I experienced 0 slow downs on the laptop. I can only assume it does what it's supposed to do because I don't usually get... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Safety Scanner 1.389.47.0

It seems to do what it says, hard to tell since I don't have anything to detect but I did run it. Unlike a previous reviewer I noticed in the description that it expires in 10 days so that would be foolish for me to use that as a negative feature... Read full review

Reviewed ShareMouse for Windows 5.0.45

It is very good, but it has one major drawback over Synergy, no linux version, so that makes it useless to me. I have no issues with synergy and I can move from linux to windows. I have no doubt this will get better with time. Read full review

Reviewed SpeedFan 4.52

It seems now in order to download the file to try it out you get redirected to the authors web site, then you have to 'register' or 'login' in order to access the download. Thanks but No thanks. Read full review

Reviewed Sandboxie (Beta) 5.27.1

I love it, works as advertised. As for MCHAL? Now we know the REAL 'Brazil Nuts' Read full review

Reviewed AllMyNotes Organizer Lite Edition 4.08 Beta

Why is this still promoted as "freeware"? Bait and switch? I rated it at 1 because as 'freeware' it sucks. Read full review

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