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Reviewed Advanced Invisible Keylogger 2.1.8

This program has the dubious honor of being (as of this writing) absolutely the WORST program listed on FileForum.
17 votes and 1.0 average rating
Simply brilliant!
Too bad that it hasn't been updated in a while. I'm sure a lot of people are... Read full review


Read full review

Reviewed ImgBurn

Ouch! It's adware now :(
While the Ask Toolbar during install thing could be regarded as "borderline" adware, the permanent menu items (under "Tools") classify this program as definitely adware.
Oh, well, I guess I won't be donating again to... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Internet Explorer Platform Preview 10.0 Platform Preview (2.10.8103.0)

Their Q&A are worth reading:

For now a neutral 3 stars Read full review

Reviewed Skype for Windows

This is where the Skype people hide the FULL setup files, release notes and changelogs:

Just WHY they don't make all of this more accessible is beyond me Read full review

Reviewed Maxthon Cloud for Windows

Maxthon 1.x is much better than any of the versions that came after it (v2, v3). I'm glad it's still being updated. Read full review

Reviewed Folder Lock 7.8.4

keithgub is yet another of the program's author clones.
This guy just doesn't learn!
Keep the anti-votes coming guys! Read full review

Reviewed Adobe Reader Lite

Great! Thanks for yet another Lite version Read full review

Reviewed Inkscape for Windows 1.1

@ gezley:

Yes, that's probably what Dean-Ryan Stone (a.k.a. "dhry") meant when he wrote that. After all, everyone just *knows* that a program written by a John Smith is much better than a program written by some poor guy by the name of Sanjiv... Read full review

Reviewed Free Download Manager for Windows 6.13.1

Changelog: Read full review

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