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Reviewed LibreOffice for Windows 7.3.3

Unfortunately I have to give this a 3 star rating.. LibreOffice 4.0 had better compatibility with all my old .XLS files and 4.1 broke them, their formatting is all fumbled.

I'd rate it 4 stars if it weren't for a worst compatibility than before.. Read full review


blablablablabla spyware blablablal evil Google

The first second you are online you are vulnerable to being spied, even your ISP can do it. Drop the tin foil hat talk, it stinks.

Matter of fact: Chrome is an awesome browser, simple and fast... Read full review

Reviewed Ad Muncher 4.94.34121

Not supporting HTTP 1.1/Gzip at this point in time is just ridiculous.

I've moved back to ABP on Firefox a long time ago. I'm stuck with filtering on browser only but at least it works top notch.

Check... Read full review

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit Release Candidate 1 (RC)

Not to take credit off Windows 7, great OS in perspective.. but Vista is unstable?!? Read full review

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