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Reviewed Notepad Backup Manager 1.0 Alpha

@garretthylltun: I never received an email from you; I guess I would be interested in knowing what email address you used. (and yes I checked my spam)

notepadTemporarySaver.exe is an AutoIT script I wrote and compiled to an exe that allows... Read full review

Reviewed Database .NET 33.8.8089

This is a serious improvement on SSMS. I don't think I'll ever use SSMS again.

One complaint I have is when you filter tables, views, procedures, etc - after filtering, the database collapses so you need to open it again. Read full review

Watchlisted TCP Segment Retransmission Viewer


FileForum members:

BANDIT is a serial poor-reviewer. There have been a few complaints lodged against him in the past when it comes to his reviews. They are usually incoherent or off-topic. He has a history of claiming software doesn't work when... Read full review


Reviewed WSCC

Incredible. With this toolkit you do not need anything else for diagnosing an issue on your PC. Nirsoft + Sysintenals is a dangerously powerful combination.

would rate 10000 stars if I could. Read full review



"-Not Reviewed for over 2 years..!!"

I do not control how often people review this product.

"No working links to this guys site..!!

-Can't find "andrewsteinhome" (site) thru G**gle.
-This appears to be the HomePage.... Read full review

Reviewed Rapid Process Manager 1.7 Beta

@HeilNizar - I apologize that I'm not an artist. Read full review

Reviewed Rapid Process Manager 1.7 Beta

mentallo666 and anomoly - I implemented both of your requests and submitted the new version to FileForum as v 1.7. Should show up in FileForum in less than 24 hours. Read full review


wmpl, sure, any suggestions are welcome Read full review

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