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Reviewed Dropbox for Windows 155.4.5493

You START OUT with 2GB. You can earn up to 20GB, I think, on the free accounts. You can immediately get an extra GB or two by doing some menial tasks that take seconds... several GB more for installing the mobile app and using the photo sync... Read full review



Reviewed Dropbox for Windows 155.4.5493

Possible reason for not auto-updating: Is it a beta or experimental release? I have seen mine auto-update, so I know it works. Second: solve security issue on cloud services? Especially those that update on bit-diff level? Cloud storage +... Read full review

Reviewed Apple iTunes for Windows

Odd... I installed the update before reading this, and am able to open it with no problems... I even have the exact video card they suspect is part of the problem -- an nVidia GeForce 9600. I notice that they noted OSX when speaking about an OS.... Read full review

Reviewed Dropbox for Windows 155.4.5493

great program for syncing amongst your computers, accessing through the web interface from anywhere, and even has apps for your mobile devices (you can even stream audio to iphone/itouch, etc). interface is simple, clean, and that's the beauty of... Read full review

Reviewed Virtual CloneDrive

great program... i choose it over some of the more fully-featured programs like daemon tools because i rarely ever use some of the alternative image formats like nero or alcohol images... and if i have one that i need to mount, i just convert it... Read full review

Reviewed foobar2000 for Windows 2.0

love my foobar.. reluctantly tried it, i was a winamp guy since the first betas... but i kept hearing about it over and over.. after so long i had to try it to see why everyone rants about it so much. the default UI looks quite simplistic and... Read full review

Reviewed VLC for Windows 3.0.20

is it possible those of you complain just have crappy computers? with new codecs like h.264 comes higher demand on the processor/bus/video card.

for years i resisted both VLC and foobar2000.... just refused to use them because they just looked... Read full review


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