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Reviewed 1Password for Windows 8.9.5

Overpriced. Considering LastPass is better and is free (or $12 with mobile apps), asking $40 for this software is a bit ridiculous. Read full review

Reviewed True Burner 10.0

True BURNER is a burning program. And a great one at that. Extremely lightweight and runs fast - Glorylogic makes great software, I recommend trying all their programs. Read full review

Reviewed HTMLPad 17.0

Not the same as WeBuilder. Why don't you visit their website so you can see the difference? HTMLPad has less features and is cheaper. Read full review

Reviewed Sodipodi for Windows 2000/XP 0.34

Discontinued in 2004, does not support modern Windows OS. Fun fact: Inkscape was based off of Sodipodi. Read full review

Reviewed Hornil StylePix

Great product! Entitled people rating this product 1-star because the free version isn't the same as the paid version - go away. Read full review

Reviewed Chasys Draw IES 5.20.01

Amazing software. More drawing focused than other Photoshop alternatives. Read full review

Reviewed Hamster Free Zip Archiver

Hamster Zip isn't all that impressive, it's not the fastest nor the best free archiver (both those awards go to Bandizip) and they won't let you complete setup without changing your homepage to their website. Read full review

Reviewed MxNitro

Built from the ground up for speed - fail! Internet Explorer 11 blows it away in benchmarks. Read full review

Reviewed SynWrite 6.40.2770

Great program, it's as good as the reviews say. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows (Beta) 43.0.2442.7

Is this supposed to be different than Chrome? I installed an extension that allows me to browse the Chrome store and install Chrome extensions. They've added a few "cute" features, but similar features and/or extensions exist in Chrome. Read full review

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