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Reviewed Real Desktop 2.03

You can uninstall Babylon through windows uninstall Read full review

Reviewed OpenOffice for Linux 4.1.11

BeBob -- you got to be kidding. Did you check the size of Microsoft Office? Open Office is the best on the free market, wake up and live a little. Read full review

Reviewed openSUSE 42.3

Juhandra evidently you are a novice at the computer. Linux has a very powerful following. You should look at MINT (Gloria) or Umbuntu distributions. One thing is for certain, unless you like to download Microsoft updates almost every other day... Read full review

Reviewed Linux Mint 20.3

Using Windows Vista, Gloria - aka Linux Mint is an EXCELLENT distribution in not only software and OS solutions, you can run Linux from Vista with an icon click. No partitioning is needed, however, it is not virtualized to run Vista and Mint... Read full review

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