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Reviewed FastStone MaxView 3.3

FastStone MaxView is a great photo viewer, way better than the built-in viewer provided with Windows. Their free image viewer is also very good but buying this one also helps FastStone pay the bills which is important if you want to get new... Read full review

Reviewed SkyFex Remote Desktop 3.0.2

Tried it to evaluate it against GoToMeeting and other similar products. The product free mode lets you have a session of up to 30 minutes (only 5 in control).

The fact it keeps the Winows 7 Aero display causes it to be very very slow and its 30... Read full review

Reviewed FastCommand 3

Tried it to compare with the legendary Launchy to see if it offers anything new. Unfortunately it is entirely in German and it offers no way to change language so one can't tell exactly what it does.

Still, unlike Launchy which is useful from... Read full review

Reviewed Launchy 2.5

2.5.0 Release Notes (from the installation):

Added Simon Capewell as a developer. This release owes quite a lot to him.
Thanks Simon! ?
Faster performance
Better behavior on Linux – Thanks Mike! (d9b5)
OS X now supported
Icons... Read full review

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