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Reviewed MyPaint 2.0.1

I simply love the brushe quality in MyPaint!
I tried Krita, which is great, Painter and many others, but for some reason the feeling in MyPaint is better, perhaps it's a matter of style..
The pencils are so realistic, even with my simple Wacom... Read full review

Reviewed Vivaldi for Windows 6.6.3271.45

Intention is great with Vivaldi, trying to giving back to Opera users their browser.
Mail is planned to come back too!
I wouldn't give a high rate yet, it's still at an early stage. Considered the premises though, I think the team deserve 4... Read full review

Reviewed CherryTree 0.38.8

This guy is doing an amazing job with CherryTree. CT is a serious PIM, can handle basically everything, formatted text, images...
Interface looks clean and tidy, the author keeps updating it and improving it. Thumbs up! Read full review

Reviewed FoxMail 7.2.7

Could be a great client, unfortunately if fails. Here's why:

- No international spell checker support (only Chinese and English)
- Is not possible to turn off automatic html images loading in messages (also means, possible security issue here)... Read full review

Reviewed TinyWall 3.0.10

It's the simplest one in its category. It just does what's supposed to, very easy to configure.
One thing only, it doesn't have any configuration options for hotkeys, other than that no complains. Still, to me it's 5 stars.
Great job. Read full review

Reviewed Opera for Windows (Beta) 43.0.2442.7

I completely agree with shroom.
Almost tempted to give it 1 star... 2 stars because after all it's a Chrome alternative. Read full review

Reviewed Syncios 7.0.1

It's free and works just fine. Didn't test too much, for what I needed it worked great though. Read full review

Reviewed Double Commander for Windows 1.1.16

It works great. I believe I tried one of the past release, was kinda buggy but this one works just fine.
It's like Multi Commander but with a cleaner GUI. I like the icons, options are clear. MC isn't not able to store sort options (I've to... Read full review

Reviewed FoxMail 7.2.7

Pretty good, just cannot find a way to use other spell checker dictionaries besides American. Anyone knows if there's a way to set up that?
I've downloaded an Italian.adm file, added to the Dictionary folder and changed the dictionary settings in... Read full review

Reviewed Bullzip PDF Printer

Imo one of the best around.
I'm not getting any issue with the AVG toolbar: I just unchecked the option and the install was clean, didn't get any unwanted toolbar. Read full review

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