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Reviewed Vuze for Windows

still a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUge install. the proloader of this then downloads loads of other stuff to get it running java for some 200 meg. Needs a town dedicating to it for its pc imprint size. Much much smaller programs do better. Utorrent.... Read full review


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Reviewed Vuze for Windows

huge huge install of bloatware thats just getting bigger and bigger with more mega bollox added everytime.

you just want to download a torrent and this does it with an install that needs its own postcode on your pc.

any bigger and they would... Read full review

Reviewed AVG Anti-Virus Free 2019 v19.1.3075


came absolutely nowhere in the comparative reports by the independent test labs.

the only positive it gave is they do a free version i.e. this.

always in the... Read full review

Reviewed CCleaner for Windows 6.22.10977

So your posting a link to a pay $23.69 for the version of the software your spamming and ccleaner is free.

TROLL!!!!! Read full review

Reviewed BitComet for Windows 1.99

Avoid Avoid Avoid Avoid,

This is total scumware please pay us money if you want your download to go faster and want a better version. Please be bombarded with adverts while your downloading. Please allow me to take control of your pc.

total... Read full review

Reviewed AVG Anti-Virus Free 2019 v19.1.3075

Still the one of the worst antivirus to install on your pc

Known worms 4903 in wild it found 2350 48% detection
Backdoors 2839 it found 1866 66% detection
Trojans 15053 it found 6997 46% detection
malware 442 it... Read full review

Reviewed AVG Anti-Virus Free 2019 v19.1.3075

Ive installed ths once more to give an unbiased review. Im running a i920 quad core at idle 7% cpu time. barely tick over. Avg has taken upto 19% at idle whats it doing? and sitting tying up 2/3 of the cpu on one core?

Its now scanning my work... Read full review

Reviewed Vuze for Windows

The bittorent equivalent of Vista 64bit. You know it looks pretty, you know it should do alot. But for some reason you just dont want to use it. Small to install not at 12mb, dont worry its bigger when installed and javas added. Eats memory,... Read full review

Reviewed Vuze for Windows

This has just got bigger and bigger and bigger per update. So much bollox is now installed as standard or hidden and installed.

Lets face it most of just want to click download and have it on our pc and it sent back to the other people on the... Read full review

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